Amazing ethereum wallet 1

Amazing ethereum wallet

MyEtherWallet, a wallet to store ether and its derivatives from the ethereum network, is very complete in that it requires transferring balances or simply storing and managing assets, for which it is highly recommended, as for the MEW feature, it is an interface executed on the client side, which interacts with the Ethereum blockchain and serves to generate purses. In this sense, it is worth noting that these purses are not connected to the internet, that is, they are cold purses, since although they are created on the web, all information and funds are not saved on MEW servers, but on one’s computer.

Pros & cons

Recognized ethereum wallet

Clean and easy to use interface

It is open source

It does not save the password or private keys of one’s wallet

It is supported with several popular physical purses

It is accessed online, but the wallet itself is on the computer and not on the MEW servers

Excellent community in social networks

There are users who have been victims of phishing and hacking

Not yet have mobile versions

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