Awaiting a better solution. 1

Awaiting a better solution.

I purchased a Ledger nano S back in 2018. To say I am disappointed, would be an understatement… The tricky UI on the device combined with a lack of configuration options on the Ledger Live app, has rendered my nano S useless, due to outdated firmware that cannot be replaced. There is little help online and case after case of users slating the Ledger Support team.

Furthermore, a recent hack released the email address’ of thousands of users. I do not know the specifics of the attack so I will not comment further.

I would not recommend the Ledger Nano S to those looking to enter the crypto space.

Pros & cons

One of the few cold wallet solutions available

Old firmware can’t be updated

Difficult user interfaces to navigate

Less than helpful support team

Recent leaks of customer private info

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