Ethos: The Colorful Wallet for Storing and Trading 1

Ethos: The Colorful Wallet for Storing and Trading

If I have seen a colourful wallet of amazing design I cannot remember it anymore because with the design of Ethos all change. This is a multi-currency wallet of supreme security and affordable design. I can certify is among my favourites products for storing Cryptos, and in this case, I am less neutral because it is important to consider the great job the company did to offer a product of marvellous category. This is a wallet I already downloaded because the process is so easy and practical. It does not occupy so much space, and it is practical to configure. The first section of the wallet reminds me a little to others, but this one is unique at all and provide sections not only for storing and staking cryptocurrencies, but a bit also to learn of the process. Part of this is the initiative of the company is funding a service committed with the true financial freedom rounding the crypto-world.

This wallet offers an exchange service with updated real-time statistics and illustrative sections divided by time of transactions that can go from and day to a month or beyond. The purpose of it is to have a complete and secure ecosystem where users can make all their transactions. Of course, Ethos requires an internet connection to be operative, but it is just for the trading and staking. The rest of the services can be loaded with time, and the user have access to certain sections of great content to master. Personally, this wallet is a creative release because it permits even to organize attractively according to user’s likes all the wallet. It simplifies the process instead of having all coins scattered just in windows but everywhere.

It counts with a good security program that is even part of an artistic but reliable design. This security system consist of a smart key that the customer owns and place in a safe site. In fact, the user is the owner of all process after the wallet is downloaded. On the other hand, not only the internet connectivity is required for the functioning of the wallet, but also internal connection like Bluetooth can be used if customers require to track all their existing tokens from other wallets. It provides easy ways to connect the digital wallet to hardware ones.

Now, the learning section covers all contents from the page itself. It grants users with simple acces to understand the art of their proposals. Bit more than that, it akso offers additional sections of blockchain technology where new users can know about it as well as some related reviews from other users and professional developers. The company called themselves like the PayPal service to crypto, and the fact is that they really are because the overall product is easy to manage.

For now, I am still using the product and storing some Cryptos on it. I like it because the services seen almost unlimited, but they are not. In fact, it has a good limit of available cryptocurrencies and utility tokens, but it is short to permit new additions. However, I really recommend it for everyone. It is the easier multi-currency wallet I have ever seen.

Pros & cons

Comfortable to use and practical for mobiles.

There is not a desktop version, but it can be connected through it via Bluetooth to receive tokens from hardware wallets.

Multi-currency wallet with excellent services and good availability of tokens.

The exchange service is even more practical to trade an sell currencies of great trading.

Partnered with Powerful financial programs centred in global e-commerce.

It has granted a warm welcome to a new company with good rating.

The company have a great mission define more as a purposef initiative.

They offer a secure product at the same time is affordable, creative, and nice to the view.

Excellent security system.

It is unique and consist of a smart-key that protects all the service and fix big and alterations.

Ideal partner for storing, trading, staking the most commercial tokens with practical resources.

The cryptocurrency availability is still limited.

The company should integrate more tokens of global usage.

It requires to fix certain areas that has been outdated over time.

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