atomic wallet review 1

atomic wallet review

atomic wallet is one wallet that supports lots of coins and tokens, atomic is also one of the personal wallet which is very good security, atomic wallet also has airdrop for new users, new users can get 10 atomic by entering a special code from the user who has registered , in my opinion this is very interesting because we can use atomic purses for our purposes as well as we can get prizes, to get an airdrop prize is quite easy we only need to make an atomic applied wallet after that we register using email and verify our email, and for prizes will be in for each atomic wallet that meets the requirements every 1 month, atomic wallet is also very simple in operation, for new users in my opinion is also very simple, if we have problems with the operation of the atomic wallet we can ask the custmer service in the atomic wallet too available customer service address e so we just need to look for it, atomic wallet customer service is also very good and friendly and also responsive, maybe that’s just a review from me if anyone wants to add may be shared in the comments thanks.

Pros & cons

simple and complete wallet

Very easy and complete cryptocurency wallet

long loading when opening

takes a few minutes to open on multiple devices

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