Stronghands the criptomoeda of strong arm nations! 1

Stronghands the criptomoeda of strong arm nations!

In my view, Stronghands is a sustainable project, aims to benefit people and support the sport olympics and different forms of emerging businesses. It has good developers and good partnerships. A currency to invest and support and enjoy the benefits of a strong community with a strong currency called Strongahands! 😊

Pros & cons

SHND and SHMN are designed base code BTC, fast transactions proper to trade.

Stronghands has never needed ICO and its project is firm since 2014.

SHMN has a masternode that has the characteristics of being a new DASH.

the Stronghands white paper, also aims to value life and health and supports the sport.

Its developers are constant assets and always conversion with investors.

SHND will soon have a 1000-fold reduction of its suply max, through swap.

Stronghands will have STRONG PLAY!

Stronghands will soon have its own SHNDX Exchange!

We are in Exchange Catex top 50 in Coinmarketcap

We will have our own masternode lodging.

SHMN has a supply of 15,000,000 SHMN, potential from 500 to 1000 dollars

I have nothing to complain about, I know that new partnerships are coming from the 3rd Quarter of 2019 onwards.

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