Summary: I like the idea of this project, truly. I understand the project is… 1

Summary: I like the idea of this project, truly. I understand the project is…

I like the idea of this project, truly. I understand the project is still new, and gained an ungodly amount of money very quickly (The (R) coin market cap is currently $560M). If I were on the dev team, I would be scared about my next move, and I would want to use that money to vastly improve on the project. I 100% hope that this platform takes off, because I love a good detailed coin review. The extra incentive of coins for reviews is great. Hell, I’m glad I found this website, maybe there are some valuable reviews on here. I will be looking some more. However, it seems that nothing promised has been implemented, other than a working platform. It is not clear how the review ranking system currently works. Also, no incentive implementation yet. Where do I see my coins? My user profile menu only says “sign out”. This must be improved on as well. Other thoughts: Is it worrying that Revain has the most reviews of any coin on the website, and that the overall review is positive? I’m not sure. I felt compelled to review the website on its own website, so why not assume that many others did the same? I love the idea of this project, but throwing out buzzwords like artificial intelligence and machine learning only hurt the project in my opinion, especially when these things seem to not be implemented. Bitcore is the #1 ranked coin, with BTC being 3.9 stars? Something seems off about this IMO Project needs more transparency as to how the overall rating works.

Pros & cons

It’s a new generation feedback platform, mostly based on the blockchain technology that doesn’t allow to change or delete reviews and its authors get a reward for creating it! Great idea and I believe this is a unique project on the market.

Revain is growing up fast and constantly and for sure Revain will have a bright future.

The website could use some cleaning up, like a bigger scroll bar on the right for scrolling through reviews, and defaulting to the “most valuable” reviews, rather than the latest, but that can be improved with a coding update in less than a day.

Looking at the roadmap, it seems the artificial intelligence and machine learning powered comment filter/verifier has not yet been implemented (Or even started? It says “Q2: Building Review Analysis System”, as if it is only in the planning stages).

has the coin incentive program started yet? Looking at the Github, there hasn’t been much activity at all.

Looking at the Telegram channel, not much activity in there either.

(Their announcment Telegram group is giving away a Lambo.

This project feels more like a meme every paragraph I read.) Looking at the team, there aren’t many computer programmers.

Lots of corporate level jobs though.

(They have to spend their tokens somewhere, am I right?) No LinkedIn profiles to click.

Not very transparent.

Their version of KYC is an email verification? This must be improved on in the future to gain legitimacy and traction on the project.

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