My review on revain 1

My review on revain

I joined Revain and at first i could not understand how it works and but i notice that new features have been added and i have to recheck and it works better.

Revain has better features and it seems it is a trusted wallet people can follow and make their money and have a better life.

Revain should also help improve their support and the loading should also help be boosted so as to make access to it easier and makes live better.
Revains serves as a time keeper and helps save time in doing meaningful things than a wasting time in doing unnecessary things that will not pay you up.

Revain uses a blockchain to record reviews removes any possibility of tampering and filtering, it becomes an immutable source of genuine information. If both positive and negative reviews are open for discussion and can be contested more accurate picture of a product or service can be formed. Revain is providing this ecosystem by providing a blockchain based reviews platform powered by the RVN token.

The ICO market is booming but one major drawback it currently suffers is the lack of honest reviews and regulation. There needs to be a reliable mechanism to review a company’s concepts, technology, and token value. Companies need to be able to promote their blockchain products in an unbiased environment away from social media spam, shills and review manipulation.

Pros & cons

Revain helps in connecting poeple and allows them to make money.

I couldn’t get any fault.

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