Pareto Network: An Empty Project 1

Pareto Network: An Empty Project

Pareto is the most unknown blockchain project I’ve ever seen. I think the company has lost its time to create something that is not easy to understand. In fact, less than 2% of the global population knows about it. However, it is always better to write about it to avoid the risk of failures and fraud executed on their platform. The main page seems to be operative, but it is so outdated and disorganized. To access the content of the network, the system requires users to register on it. There is not another way of knowing what the project offers, at least that the user finds reliable information in other networks like coinmarket.
The fact is that these restrictions go against the world’s policies to protect user’s privacy. Anyone can enter a platform or send private data like emails, complete name, or address without being informed of the purpose of the company. Anyone can enter a network they do not know what kind of services it offers, but the fact is that many people do it, and for this reason, there are always more scammers.
However, what is really important is the fact the providers and developers of this project released it on the internet, but they are out of the site. There is no one to ask for reliable information. Pareto Network is a kind of empty project.

Pros & cons

Nothing to say.

Project of unknown root, although it is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, the information contained on it differs from being reliable or ready to start investing.

The purpose of this blockchain is not defined yet, and they seem to be out of service.

The team behind the company is not active in any social media community.

This is also clear because they do not offer social networks.

The platform is outdated.

The external design counts with low technology administration.

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