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OmiseGo works on both simple transactions such as peer-to-peer and sophisticated smart contract technology. Smart contracts allow people involved to set certain conditions, and contracts are only enforced if they are met.
Because OMG technology is based on ethereum, it can use the trading processes used by ethereum and use its OMG coin as fuel.
Because omg supports SWIFT transactions, it can be used in major financial transactions and exchanges. Because it eliminates the cost incurred by financial institutions such as banks and brokers, the choice of payment method is for those who either have to convert large amounts of money into different currencies or sellers who They pay most of the money.
Companies that import and export raw materials and raw materials to different countries can use omisego as a currency for trading using OMG tokens and convert it into Fiat currency.

Pros & cons

OMG tokens are the fuel for the plasma network, which is expected to help strengthen crypto transactions.

Using a Proof-Of-Stake model, people with OMG symptoms can make a profit by securing the plasma network.


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