Two layer chain 1

Two layer chain

This is a cryptocurrency that, like others, is a decentralized open-source blockchain. It brings together multiple protocols offering solutions to problems presented by other chains, in this case of etherium and BTC.

It is called as a project of value protection and the creation of smart contracts within the same ecosystem.
It consists of two layers, one of verification and other of transactions.
One of the main problems is that a mobile wallet is not developed to manage this asset, since in order to use this currency it is necessary to use a desktop wallet and download the entire heavy chain.

Its network consists of a two-layer public blockchain protocol backed by its native token from each of the networks.
In other words, one layer or chain to maintain value and the other for the creation of smart contracts reducing scalability problems.

In general, this project was recently launched compared to the market history, so it is still too early to give a final appreciation but so far there is an increase in its value, although it needs the development of network applications as well as the use in smart contracts.

Pros & cons

Highly scalable

Multi-layer connection reducing scalability.

Supports smart contracts.

Innovative project.

Little use.

There is currently no mobile wallet that supports this asset.

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