NEO is an Asian project with significant benefits 1

NEO is an Asian project with significant benefits

The Neo project was born in 2014. Its old name was Antshares. Now it evolved and became an extremely interesting project in what has to do with decentralized applications.

It is a strong competitor for Ether.

It allows smart contracts to be propagated through common programming languages ​​such as Java due to its structure.

The project and the cryptocurrency have the same initials.

This project comes directly from the Chinese empire, let’s remember that China has the largest mining farms on the planet.

The purpose of this project is to become a standard and a point of focus for decentralized applications.

It has a derivative cryptocurrency: GAS.

NEO cannot be mined.

It is one of the 15 strongest cryptocurrencies.

It works with 3 main pillars:

Digital assets.
Smart contracts.
The digital identity.

To conclude, we must say that NEO has grown incredibly and those who have invested when it was just starting have already multiplied their investment. It is still in development and many investors would take advantage of continuing on this platform.

Pros & cons

He has supported other projects.

Important smart contracts in the field of investors as a solution.

You will have benefits for obtaining GAS.

Compatible with various programming languages.

Wide and variety of implementation options in real environment.

Smart contract code and application could be buggy.

It does not provide innovative solutions.

Legislative system in China and its regulations.

There are projects that compete face to face.

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