Maya Preferred 223 Project 1

Maya Preferred 223 Project

Maya Preferred 223 is a lesser known project. According to the MAPR Currency Chart, this token has been on the market for more than a year, but this was the first time I heard its name and to research it, I had to search many sites to get information about it.
MAPR currency has fallen 33% (now) in the last 24 hours! If these tokens are really backed by gold and silver, how is it possible that the price will jump so high!
Of course, the plans that this platform offers to the user for investment are good, and if the payment for this project is good, its reputation may increase in the future.

Pros & cons

Reasonable investment plans

The project has careful and good planning

It is very little known and it is difficult to find information about the project on the Internet (except the official website).

Extreme price fluctuation of MAPR tokens if supported with gold and silver!

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