IOTA, the promising currency! 1

IOTA, the promising currency!

Iota – Miota is a cryptocurrency that differs from the others, as it is not possible to mine and its blockchain is totally different as well, while other currencies like BTC need miners for the network to run and confirm transactions, IOTA does not need because your network, Tangle, uses the system where the transactions themselves are in charge of confirming a transaction, what does this differ from the traditional blockchain? Yes, the difference is that as the transactions themselves confirm a transaction, there is no need for mining machines, or people mining for your network to flow, this means that you do not need to charge transaction fees and still make the network highly scalable. IOTA is an evolution let’s say from the traditional blockchain that BTC introduced us, I see a currency that has not yet shown all its strength, but that certainly has a lot of future and will still stand out more and more in the cryptographic medium. IOTA can be purchased on several exchanges and has a very large volume in negotiations, currently occupies the 23rd position in the cryptographic ranking according to the CMC.

Pros & cons

very fast transactions and zero rates

fully decentralized

traded on several exchanges

no point to address.

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