About Gifto 1

About Gifto

Gifto, which entered the market in 2017, is a coin created with the purpose of making instant payments.

Gifto focuses on the virtual gifts that can be given to the creators of the content because of those works. For this, the coin infrastructure that works extremely well and quickly has been designed. This infrastructure has been tested in the online gaming industry especially in the past period. The results obtained are the best indication of how well the system works. Many people have earned good amounts of income from transactions done in this way.

Gifto has determined social media as its target area. Because many people now prefer different sites in this web space to communicate. Therefore, every day millions of people send gifs or similar stickers to people they are in contact with. At this point, coin comes into play. Because Gifto offers a more effective messaging service with gifs and similar things specially designed for people accordingly. Accordingly, it is possible to buy them using coins. Prices vary according to the privatizations to be made.

Pros & cons

coin for instant payments

compatibility with gaming and social media

Universal Gifting Protocol

value is very low

not enough support provided

no listed in most exchanges

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