Ferrum Network: integrating the universal blockchain platform through DAG! 1

Ferrum Network: integrating the universal blockchain platform through DAG!

Ferrum Network is a platform created with the purpose of serving as a main block chain to allow interaction between block chains; to achieve its universal adoption; eliminating the barriers of incompatibility between them.
Ferrum Network is also a virtual asset that has its own FRM coin and whose maximum issue is 300 million coins, of which around 120 million are currently on the market.
The Ferrum Network developers intend to incentivize the development of centralized and decentralized blockchains from the DAG protocol used by their core platform.
Ferrum Network experts already have several applications on their platform; such as wallets, exchanges; among them: The SubZero Wallet, The Ferrum Decentralized Exchange, The Kudi Exchange and The Ferrum OTC Wallet.
The most outstanding thing about Ferrum Network is that it integrates under a single digital platform a set of centralized and decentralized applications that provide the user with a wide range of products and services, based on advanced technology to offer fast, secure, reliable and economical transactions, due to to its main faculty the interoperability of its networks.
Both common users and qualified investors have in the Ferrum Network ecosystem the opportunity to carry out all their operations in a comfortable, fast and simple way. Having wallet applications, exchanges, stores and other options at your fingertips.
The functions of its applications range from transferring and exchanging digital currencies by messaging, to investments in exchanges and cryptocurrency and fiat money stores.
This is another important feature of the Ferrum Network; its flexibility to operate with crypto assets and FIAT currency. Allowing to open doors to international markets around the world.
Blockchain tech experts have open territory to explore on Ferrum Network; since it offers them the possibility of developing their project with either centralized or decentralized content.

Pros & cons

It allows to carry out transactions with fiat currencies and with cryptocurrencies.

It allows the exchange of crypto assets between different chains and blocks with almost zero or very low cost.

Thanks to its technology you can interact with other wallets to allow exchanges through social networks and chat.

The disadvantage could be represented by the use of cryptocurrencies that have an unstable value in the market.

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