DigitalNote Project 1

DigitalNote Project

DigitalNote is a pure example of decentralization at it’s peak. The DigitalNote formerly called DuckNote started in the year 2014 with the purpose of creating a secured, fast and decentralized platform for users. It has been able to accept each all of these as it makes use of a Mastrrnode for its security, has great transaction speed and is completely
The platform is controlled and decisions are made based in the community’s idea, thereby making decision making process a collective responsibility. The XDN which happens to be the digital asset of this project is mineable, making it easily accessible to users.
Presently, the platform does not have it’s mobile application available but I’m pretty sure it is in progress as DigitalNote is known for its constant search for upgrades so as to satisfy its users

Pros & cons

Decentralized platform

Nice security

Good transaction speed

Constantly in search for an upgrade

Needs to have a mobile application

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