Big Data Democratized. 1

Big Data Democratized.

It has laid the ground works to succeed in the future. They offer an interesting set of technology, professional business development, market potential and team experience, which is needed to realize a big vision. It is aggressively securing new partnerships, which will ultimately lead to adoption if they manage to build a reliable platform. Especially the professionalism of the team makes us believe they are highly capable and hence them achieving their goals doesn’t seem too unrealistic.

Pros & cons

It allows for an easy integration into existing infrastructure and systems through an API connection.

Transparent and open community of developers and other participants, which is quickly growing, due to the teams effort to expand in all regions of the world.

Impressive partnerships including but not limited to the US Airforce, Chainlink and Quant Network.

It doesn’t face any direct competition, in the space of real-time, on-chain auditing of big data there are a growing number of indirect competitors, who could adopt similar use cases in the future.

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