Adaigi: Another Project from The Pakistani Associations 1

Adaigi: Another Project from The Pakistani Associations

Adaigi is a blockchain project for mid and big businesses that aren’t still consolidated as a solid brand. This is said because the project was created to offer support to a few regions of the world. And although with time it became more global, and it is open to all servers around the world, the investments are still short. The good thing beyond that is that it is bringing support to another partner that might belong to the same company. Its market exchange is opened to it. Tokens are admitted to be traded.

Knowing that it is good for investors and individuals, the network looks to register a place of the active decentralized exchange. Users do not have to worry about privacy and security because those two features are managed with care. The first step in providing a service of this kind is to ensure that their users remain safe.

To work with this project, users must download and configure a wallet that can operate from the desktop. All assets can be managed on it. There are certain policies to follow, but the transactions are good. In fact, this service could achieve scalability thanks to its option of trading and exchange by fiat money. All the processes will depend on deals, but this is something that all merchants can do with ease.

Something, in particular, I noticed from this blockchain is that besides assisting businesses, it is specially focused on being a channel of transmissions for all trades occurring with Pakcoin. I might think that anyway the project is not reliable at all considering the status of the other platform.

Note: Adaigi is a little project with a little audience. If the users think of it as a reliable source, then a chance for it must be given. However, I suggest exploring carefully on the platform.

Pros & cons

It is a project supporting another blockchain project, and it is open as a channel for the investments of both.

It has the availability to trade crypto and obtain fiat money as a solid exchange.

The platform provides a clear way to notice all the features that give form to the project.

It is operative through a wallet that can be easily downloaded and configured.

It is a project from a little recognized company.

It has had low management.

Like other projects of the brand, it might be a little reliable.

It has a short audience and rating.

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