An Ethereum Based Mining Pool Called NanoPool 1

An Ethereum Based Mining Pool Called NanoPool

Nanopool happens to be one of the larger mining pools that supports various different and popular cryptocurrencies like: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Z-Cash, Monero, Pascal, Electroneum, Raven and Grin. Although it supports these 7 cryptocurrencies, I still think the platform needs some improvement especially in the fact that the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin can not be mined using this platform
The fee for NanoPool is 1% and the minimum payouts varies from coins to coins as follows:
Pool Hashrate: 15135.6Gh/s
Miners Count:23,2
Price: $354.45. And works on the Algorithm, DaggerHashimoto
Pool Hashrate: 39,978.4KH/s
Miners Count:
Price: $59.10 and works on the Algorithm, RandomHash 2
It was first available on the 28th January 2018. It is a moderate Ethereum mining pool with an essential UI and lovely API.
The payouts are based on PPLNS scheme and are made several times in a day. Mined coins can be added to any

Pros & cons

Commissions are low when this platform is used.

Has advanced security

Happens to be one of the biggest mining pool in the world

Permits multiple withdrawals per day

The mined coins can be stored in any wallet

Diversified, as it has 7 cryptocurrencies that are mineable

The most popular cryptocurrency in the world is not mineable in this platform

I suggest this platform for experts and not begginers

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