Should we use P2PB2B? 1

Should we use P2PB2B?

Launched in 2018 in Switzerland, it has a business license in Estonia.
Many of the cryptocurrencies listed on this exchange include little-known altcoins and low capitalization.
The P2PB2B exchange has Fiat-crypto and Crypto-crypto trading areas.
This exchange is known to suddenly enter the top of the trading floors with the highest trading volume on the Coinmarketcap chart, although this data is suspected to be fake.

Pros & cons

Processing performance of up to 10000 transactions per second

Multilingual support and online ticket support 24/7

Simple interface and easy to use, support listing many coins

Good security, Airdrop area, referral program for users, IEO area

Support to buy crypto via Fiat

High transaction fees

The volume of transactions reported to be counterfeited is up to 90%, many low quality coins are listed without going through a thorough review process.

IEO projects bring losses to investors

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