Exchange not so well known but in good use 1

Exchange not so well known but in good use

Everyone who is connected to the crypto world should always have a favorite exchange on hand, whether they met it through a friendship, video or recommendation from a user.

ABCC is a cryptocurrency exchange whose mission is to be as fast as possible in transactions, reliable in security and to provide investment opportunities. Its projection has been slow but it has also been successful. It has proven to be a key competitor for other exchanges as it offers highly attractive features for users including its AT token for the revenue sharing program.

Registration is totally fast and there is no need to give personal data to operate. This is undoubtedly a great advantage, but for some it may mean a greater risk. The exchange platform is easy to use and you can navigate without problems.

The exchange has a mobile app and a revenue sharing program for the platform’s token owners. In social networks they are very active and organized, most of all in Telegram where they develop a lot of high privilege information.

In general, it is an exchange that despite not being so well known has an excellent significant volume, multiple currencies to exchange, easy registration without KYC and many other features that make it brilliant.

Pros & cons

Platform with its own token and an income distribution program for its owners.

Good presence in social networks more than everything in Telegram.

Solid performance figures, significant volume and multiple assets to operate.

Mobile app.

Registration is extremely simple and you do not need to provide privileged personal information for operations.

The use of credit cards or bank transfers is not allowed.

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