Tarjeta Coinbase 1

Tarjeta Coinbase

Coinbase is a Visa debit card found in almost every country, issuing the card costs £ 4.95 ($ 6.48) and it will charge 2.49% on each purchase (1.49% crypto conversion fee + 1% transaction fee) .
Coibase card is one of the best options since it has a very easy and safe method.
This card is linked to users’ accounts allowing immediate payments with a daily limit of £ 10,000 ($ 13,092).
reversing a transaction will cost around £ 20 ($ 26.19).

users can enjoy Coinbase Card credit cards to buy in all stores that accept Visa cards. This plan was first created in April 2019.
Compared to other cards, its commissions are very high.

Pros & cons

has no recharge or maintenance fees.

restrict some countries.

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